Unified Workspace for Your Team: Everything You Need to Know

Teams and organizations without a digital task management solution often face significant challenges. Among the most common issues are communication problems. Without a unified platform, information is fragmented across messages, Google Docs, documents on individual laptops, and even verbal agreements.

This significantly complicates project coordination. Without a clear overview, there’s a higher risk of misallocating tasks, using outdated data, or missing deadlines altogether.

The absence of a unified online platform impacts team productivity. This results in constant clarifications, misunderstandings of deadlines, and often isolated stages and processes that should work together seamlessly.

However, the good news is that a good task manager, CRM, or similar project management solution can handle all these issues. In short, a unified workspace. Today, we’ll talk about it.

May 21, 2024
Why Your Business Needs a CRM System

Чим активніше працює ваша команда, тим необхіднішими стають допоміжні інструменти для управління процесами. CRM-система — один із таких інструментів. Зважаючи на засилля рішень і технологій, у вас може виникнути цілком логічне запитання: CRM — це дійсно корисна система чи чергова трендова абревіатура? Давайте розбиратися.

CRM — скорочення від англійського Customer Relationship Management, що означає «управління відносинами з клієнтами». CRM-система допомагає організувати всю інформацію про вашу компанію, від даних про покупців чи замовників до витрат на канцелярію, в одному місці.

Це дозволяє вам відслідковувати потреби клієнтів та команди, бачити, хто якими завданнями займається, і на якому етапі їх виконання. Як результат — будь-які робочі процеси та взаємодії вдається організувати швидше та краще. Давайте детальніше розглянемо усі переваги використання таких платформ.

April 25, 2024
Five Ways to Organize the Work of Charitable Foundations and Volunteer Projects With Tracy

In the operation of charitable foundations and non-profit organizations, there are many repetitive processes: processing and fulfilling requests, providing feedback, working with suppliers, even searching for employees and conducting interviews. This list can certainly be extended by mentioning daily routines and operations.

Tracy application builder is a simple and convenient way to optimize such tasks. You can customize the workspace to your needs and spend less effort managing projects. Let’s see how it works with some examples.

April 07, 2024
What is Kanban and How Can It Benefit You?

Notebooks and planners are great for personal notes. It’s convenient to jot down shopping lists or tasks on paper, especially because you won’t be distracted by screen notifications while trying to open a specific application. The same goes for spontaneous ideas that are easy to forget when a new message pops up.

Paper notes are handy for quick jotting down of ideas, calculations, diagrams, and illustrations. Flip charts work well for brainstorming. However, having a digital copy of such notes is much safer and more efficient. It’s like having a draft and the final version of your plan, calculations, etc.—chaotic on paper and more structured on your smartphone or computer.

But why all this? When it comes to processes involving more than one person (most tasks in companies), visibility is crucial—the ability to track progress and execution. Managing everything effectively with just a paper notebook often becomes impractical, even for the most organized managers and responsible performers. That’s where digital tools come in handy, such as Kanban boards.

January 24, 2024
Tracy for Project and Task Management: A Step-By-Step Setup Guide

“I wasn’t looped in” or the classic “Oops, slipped my mind—my bad” are pretty common responses when checking on task completion. If you set a task while talking on the phone or write it in a messenger, you yourself have to keep all this in your head—constantly reminding yourself and bugging colleagues with questions like “So, what’s the deal?”, “When’s that due?”.

Tracy will provide you with a very simple tool for organizing work within your team. You create a task, specify all the information necessary for its execution, a deadline (when everything should be ready), and also choose who is responsible for the execution of the task. This person (or group of people) receives notifications, sees what and when to do. You also receive a notification when the task status changes. You can also see the overall picture at any moment—who’s tackling what and where tasks stand in the grand scheme of things:

November 10, 2023
Tracy for Organizing Work With Candidates and Conducting Interviews (HR): A Step-By-Step Setup Guide

If you’re conducting interviews, you probably need to store candidate information somewhere: each person’s contacts, a resume file, the platform on which you received feedback, your impressions, and perhaps also the impressions and evaluations of other team members (or, if a person, for example, did not come to the scheduled interview and did not warn about it—the appropriate mark). It is much more convenient to do this in Tracy than in a regular table:

November 01, 2023
How to Get Rid of Information Chaos: Advantages of a Centralized Task Management System

Information saturation is a key factor in the development of modern society. There is a lot of information and it is everywhere. Businesses also have to deal with the problem of information and data intensity, which leads to information overload. Every day we receive a new influx of data. On the one hand, this opens up potential opportunities. On the other hand, information abundance provokes chaos that is difficult to control. Let’s find out what it is, how it manifests itself, and how Tracy can help you fight it.

August 28, 2023
Gantt Chart: The Essence and Nuances of Its Use

Mastery in project management stands as a pivotal element in fostering business growth and the execution of intricate, or even straightforward, structural undertakings. Numerous instruments have left their mark on project structuring. Among these, the Gantt chart shines as one of the most influential. So, what exactly is a Gantt chart? It takes the form of a visual strategy for orchestrating and supervising projects. Within contemporary business planning and project management landscapes, the Gantt chart has risen to represent the very pinnacle of effectiveness.

August 23, 2023