Organization of your daily workflows

A simple tool for teams that can be flexibly adjusted to your needs as a constructor, without programming or extra costs.

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Simple, available from anywhere, safe

Everything you need about your orders, customers, products, etc.

Names, amounts, dates, files, map markers – choose from 20 different property types. You can define what is required, what length or format the text has, what options the list provides for selection, and so on. A simple and useful interface will be built automatically.

Record creation date and time
Record author
Unique record number (identifier)
Flag (yes or no)
Option(s) from list
Date and time
Colored tags
Location (on map)

One information, different points of view

Process your orders using a Kanban board or using a calendar if it is more about records for the specific date and time. Control production load using Gantt chart or adjust logistics by looking at the map etc. Choose one or all at once.

Kanban board
Gantt chart

Flexible access control

You can allow a delivery person to see only the orders that are waiting for delivery by him. As soon as such an order appears, the delivery person will immediately receive a PUSH notification on the phone and see it. At the same time, some individual properties of the order (for example, its value, or the customer’s last name) may not be displayed for couriers or disappear immediately after delivery, but may be available, for example, to managers. What, to whom and when to show is up to you.

Order in workflows

It is important that everyone knows exactly what to do and when, and that you can control it. But it is often also important that actions take place in a certain defined sequence. For example, when an installer arrives at a facility to install an air conditioner, he must take photos of the premises before work begins, and also take additional photos once the work is done and obtain an electronic signature from the customer. You can also add to this workflow a mandatory call from the manager to the client 1 week after the installation to receive feedback, or after a year to offer a service.

Simple tariffs that differ
only in the amount of resources

There are no other limitations. Start with free and upgrade later if needed. Until the end of the war waged by the Russian Federation against Ukraine, we will transfer all profits received as part of this project to support the Ukrainian army 💙💛

$0 / month
up to 3 users
up to 250 records
up to 500 MB of storage
$9 / month
up to 6 users
up to 1 000 records
up to 3 GB of storage
$49 / month
up to 12 users
up to 50 000 records
up to 100 GB of storage
$99 / month
unlimited users
up to 1 000 000 records
up to 250 GB of storage
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