Application builder for field service management

Example #1. A cleaning company. Client database, work scheduling and advance appointments. Application for technicians with individual schedules.
Example №2. An event agency. Client database, project management, task completion monitoring, cost tracking.
Example №3. Air conditioner service. Client and order database, work scheduling, tracking of consumables. Application for technicians with individual schedules.
Example #4. A construction company. Client database, project management, task completion monitoring, expense tracking. Application for clients with project status.

Your database of clients, orders, etc.

By offering the client to repurchase water filters that need replacing or reminding them about the need for maintenance of installed air conditioners, you both take care of their needs and increase your revenue.

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Complete control over the service provision

Constantly calling and asking “How’s order #12345?” is not efficient. It’s much more convenient when all the information is available in real-time.

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Scheduling work considering the team’s current load

It’s much easier to accurately estimate a possible completion date for a new client’s order when having all the relevant information about other orders at hand.

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Gantt chart Calendar Map Load
Gantt chart

Performance analysis of the team at each stage

The average time taken for order fulfillment, delivery, or installation, and how these metrics differ among different teams can be interesting for research.

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Funnel Efficiency

Standard processes, minimizing the human factor

Instead of reminding the specialist each time to take photos before and after the work and then get a signature from the customer, it’s sufficient to document these requirements once.

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Own application for each team member

The manager needs to see all orders from all clients and find it more convenient to work with them on the computer. Whereas the specialist only needs to have their own schedule on their phone (where to go and what needs to be done), without needing to know the details of other orders.

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Without programmers and significant expenses

You select a starter template that best suits your processes and receive a tool ready for use, assembled from small blocks. If needed, you can independently adjust fields and data interaction methods, manage access, configure other processes, and so on.

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