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A simple way to get a tool that helps to achieve harmony, transparency, and predictability in your team’s work.

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Kanban board
Gantt chart

Ready-to-use templates that are easily adaptable, and the ability to configure from scratch

Nothing will be lost or forgotten

Instead of numerous Excel spreadsheets and messaging back and forth, there’s a single collaborative workspace for your projects, tasks, requests, orders, clients, and more. With a convenient interface, search function, and notifications.

No need for reminders and follow-ups

What needs to be done, when, and by whom, as well as the current stage—an overview for you and a personal action plan for each member of your team, with clear priorities and deadlines.

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Let us demonstrate, explain, and configure everything for you to ensure you get exactly the application you need, allowing you to start using it right away. This service is free now, just contact us via email or chat.

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Integration and API for developers

For example, feedback form requests from your website can automatically go to Tracy.

Simple tariffs that differ
only in the amount of resources

There are no other limitations. Start with free and upgrade later if needed.

$0 / month
up to 3 users
up to 250 records
up to 500 MB of storage
$9 / month
up to 6 users
up to 1 000 records
up to 3 GB of storage
$49 / month
up to 12 users
up to 50 000 records
up to 100 GB of storage
$99 / month
unlimited users
up to 1 000 000 records
up to 250 GB of storage
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