Application builder for various requests, applications, inquiries etc. processing management

Example #1. Management company of a residential complex. Processing requests from residents. Applications for electricians, plumbers, etc.
Example №2. Any company. Processing requests from team members to the office manager, system administrator, etc.
Example #3. A volunteer project or a charitable foundation. Analysis and processing of feedback on the assistance provided, received via phone, website, or chatbot.
Example #4: An outsourcing accounting firm. Processing requests from and to clients, control and reminders, history. Applications for accountants and clients.

All of your requests, applications, inquiries, etc.

Requests can be added manually, automatically received from a website or a messenger bot, but they certainly won’t get lost or forgotten.

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Complete control over the request processing

“How many requests are currently in progress?”, “Who is handling client ‘X’?”, “How many negative reviews did we receive last week?”—there’s no need to call and ask, all the information is available in real-time.

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Scheduling work considering the team’s current load

Distributing requests among specialists can be done more fairly and effectively when having all the relevant information about the current workload at hand.

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Performance analysis of the team at each stage

Average processing time for a customer request can vary depending on the topic, specialist, or shift—this could be interesting for research and optimization purposes.

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Funnel Efficiency

Standard processes, minimizing the human factor

Time can be saved on training new specialists if the sequence of their actions is clearly defined and documented.

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Own application for each team member

The specialist simply needs a list of assigned requests in the order they need to be processed, along with notifications when something changes. Meanwhile, the manager should understand the overall situation, assign and change specialists, and monitor efficiency, etc.

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Without programmers and significant expenses

You select a starter template that best suits your processes and receive a tool ready for use, assembled from small blocks. If needed, you can independently adjust fields and data interaction methods, manage access, configure other processes, and so on.

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