Application builder for project and task management

Example #1. Any company. Processing daily tasks of the office manager, with the ability to add them and track their status by team members.
Example #2. A product IT company. A comprehensive task list, working on iterations, planning, and analyzing efficiency.
Example #3. A legal or accounting firm. Client database, work planning, processing, and history of inquiries.
Example #4. A marketing agency. Client and project database, working on tasks within projects, efficiency analysis, statistics.

All of your projects and tasks

Tasks can be added manually, automatically received from a website or a messenger bot, but they certainly won’t get lost or forgotten.

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Complete control over the work

No need to call and ask questions like “What stage is the project at?”, “When is our next presentation?”, “Have we ordered printer cartridges?”—all information is available in real-time.

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Scheduling work considering the team’s current load

It’s easier to answer questions like “Will we be able to complete other tasks on time if we take on one more? If not, how much will the deadlines be pushed?” when you have the full picture in front of you.

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Gantt chart Calendar Load
Gantt chart

Performance analysis of the team at each stage

It’s important for team members to, on one hand, not suddenly find themselves without work, and on the other hand, not be overloaded by it.

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Funnel Efficiency

Standard processes, minimizing the human factor

If the onboarding process for new team members isn’t standardized, you can lose a whole workday simply by forgetting to ask the system administrator to set up the laptop.

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Own application for each team member

In a team, there can be many processes, projects, and tasks. Everyone working in the office needs the ability to ask the office manager to order coffee, fix the flip chart, etc. (and receive notifications when it’s done). Meanwhile, the office manager just needs a list of their own tasks with clear priorities and deadlines.

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Without programmers and significant expenses

You select a starter template that best suits your processes and receive a tool ready for use, assembled from small blocks. If needed, you can independently adjust fields and data interaction methods, manage access, configure other processes, and so on.

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Let us demonstrate, explain, and configure everything for you to ensure you get exactly the application you need, allowing you to start using it right away. This service is free now, just contact us via email or chat.

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