Application builder for onsite service management

Example #1. A beauty salon. Client database, work scheduling and advance appointments, history. Application for specialists with an individual schedule.
Example #2. A tailor shop or shoe repair service. Client and order database (photos “before” and “after”), order management, electronic queue, feedback.
Example #3. A photo studio. Client database, booking of photo zones (including via website, chatbot), history, feedback.
Example #4. An auto detailing. Client and order database, work planning, process standardization.

Your database of clients, orders, appointments, etc.

Customers will appreciate it if you remember their preferences and can do everything “as usual” even if there have been changes in your team.

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Complete control over the service provision

No need to call and ask questions like “Are there any clients with Alisa right now?”, “Has order #12345 been completed?”, “What time slots are available for tomorrow?”—all information is available in real-time.

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Scheduling work considering the team’s current load

Answering a question like “At what time can I come for a manicure first and then for a hairstyle?” is easier when you have the current work schedule of the entire team in front of you.

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Gantt chart Calendar Load
Gantt chart

Performance analysis of the team at each stage

Who completes more tasks, what is the average confirmation time for client appointments coming through the website, who on average completes tasks faster—this could be interesting for research.

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Funnel Efficiency

Standard processes, minimizing the human factor

If for quality control of shoe repair it’s necessary to take photos “before” and “after” or send an SMS to the client upon completion, then that’s exactly what will happen—without reminders or the need to check on it.

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Own application for each team member

The manager needs to see all appointments for all specialists and find it more convenient to work with them on the computer. Whereas the specialist only needs to have their own schedule on their phone (who is scheduled with them on Friday at 12:30), without needing to know the details of other orders.

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Without programmers and significant expenses

You select a starter template that best suits your processes and receive a tool ready for use, assembled from small blocks. If needed, you can independently adjust fields and data interaction methods, manage access, configure other processes, and so on.

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Let us demonstrate, explain, and configure everything for you to ensure you get exactly the application you need, allowing you to start using it right away. This service is free now, just contact us via email or chat.

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