How Do I Work With the Archive and Trash?

Usually, completed or cancelled orders or closed requests become outdated after some time. To prevent them from accumulating in the list or board and interfering with work, they can be archived or deleted.

Please note: to archive, unarchive, or move records to the trash, you must have the appropriate permissions. Only administrators and owners have access to the trash and can restore records from it.


Archived records are not displayed by default, but they can be seen and included in representations by using search or filter—in the list or on the board they will have a corresponding indicator. The state of such records and their property data are not editable (the property set is displayed according to access settings, but only for viewing). An archived record can be unarchived.

It can often be useful to archive even, for example, cancelled orders if they were cancelled due to production overload or employee mistake, so that it can be analyzed later.

Please note: archived records affect the plan’s limit on the number of records.


Records that are no longer needed can be moved to the trash and later permanently deleted by an administrator or owner of the workspace. Like archived records, records in the trash are only available for viewing.

Please note: records moved to the trash affect the plan’s limit on the number of records.