How Do I Add, View, and Edit a Record?

Working with records (such as orders, products, or clients) is done on the home screen of the app.

How Do I Add a Record?

To add a record, first select the appropriate dataset in the switcher and then click on the plus at the bottom right of the screen.

Please note: if the plus button is not displayed, it means that you need to contact the administrator or owner of the workspace to get permission to create records in the current dataset.

In the window that opens, specify the value of at least one of the properties available to you for editing and click the "Save" button.

Please note: you can immediately select the state in which the record will be created, among those available to you. At the same time, you will be able to fill in properties from all previous states according to access settings.

How Do I View and Edit a Record?

To view or edit a record, click on the corresponding row of the table or card on the board, etc. In the window that opens, you can make changes if necessary, which will be saved automatically without confirmation.